Auction Policy

Buyer's Policy

Read the conditions of sale before bidding for a car. These are on display and available on request.


All vehicles auctioned each Monday, Wednesday & Friday are presented and sold as No Guarantee - Sold As Seen, therefore all vehicles are non-refundable.

'Sold As Seen' generally applies to older, less expensive vehicles that have no mechanical warranty whatsoever. When you buy a car 'Sold As Seen', you buy it with all its faults, whatever and however serious they may be. An 'As Seen' car should be very carefully inspected before it goes under the hammer. (All main agent and company direct vehicles are 'Sold As Seen').

Mileage warranties are described by the auctioneer at the time of sale and are declared on the vehicles windscreen sticker.


Trade Buyers Deposit - Minimum £200 cash or debit card deposit is payable on each purchase

Bid Value Required Deposit
£0 — £999 £200
£1,000 — £1,999 £300
£2,000 — £6,999 £500
£7,000 and above £1,000

Trade Buyers Fee

Is paid per vehicle in addition to the sale price (charges are subject to VAT)

Sale Price Indemnity
£0 — £199 £90
£200 — £499 £115
£500 — £999 £140
£1,000 — £1,999 £175
£2,000 — £2,999 £195
£3,000 and above £200... ask staff for fees for all other vehicle values 

Private Buyers Fee

Is paid per vehicle and payable by non motor trade customers (charges inclusive of VAT)

Sale Price Buyer's Premium
£0 — £499 £252
£500 — £999 £294
£1,000 — £1,999 £372
£2,000 and above £402... ask staff for fees for all other vehicle values

We also accept cash payment (cash max. £8,000 & subject to a Cash Surcharge of 1.25% + VAT).


(i) An additional On-line Trade Buyers Fee of £20+VAT per vehicle may apply.

(ii) Additional Buyers Fees are applicable in respect of commercial vehicles. The standard additional fee per vehicle / item is £30 (inclusive of VAT).


Trade Sellers Fees - When selling your car at an auction, bring the car along with the V5 (Registration book) if available, current M.O.T. Certificate (if applicable) and one of our experienced Auctioneers will provide an accurate valuation of your vehicle.

Selling Charge per vehicle

(Charges subject to VAT)

Charge Price
Commission 8.0% of sale price (minimum £50)
Entry Fee £30
Service Charge £15

When your vehicle is sold, all cheques are posted out within 3 working days.

Should you require further information about selling your car, please do not hesitate to contact us.