Buying a Car

At Central Car Auctions you always have a vast choice of vehicles to choose from. Buying with us is hassle and risk-free and couldn't be easier - you simply bid on the car as it is auctioned. If you have any queries, we have expert staff on hand to help. In the meantime, here are some important points to remember:

  • Whether you find a vehicle that interests you in our vehicles list or at the auction, don't forget it's first come, first served on the day of sale.
  • You must have a minimum £200 deposit. If your bid is successful, simply approach the rostrum and give your name, address and deposit - *£200 deposit subject to cash surcharge of 1.25% (+VAT).
  • You'll find an information card on the windscreen of every car that's for sale at the auction. This holds all information you need about the car from MOT expiry date to a mileage reading. One thing it doesn’t show, however, is the reserve price - for this, you'll need to ask at our sales office.
  • PLEASE NOTE: An additional On-line Trade Buyers Fee of £25+VAT per vehicle may apply. 
  • If your bid secures the vehicle of your choice, the balance of the purchase must be settled by no later than midday on the Wednesday following the Monday auction, by no later than midday on the Friday following the Wednesday auction, and by no later than midday on the Monday following the Friday auction.
  • Once you've paid for your vehicle in full, it must be removed from the premises immediately. If left on site, it’s at your own risk and a penalty charge may apply.


All vehicles auctioned each Monday, Wednesday and Friday are presented and sold as No Warranty - No Guarantee, therefore all vehicles are non-returnable. 

Mileage warranties are described by the auctioneers at the time of sale and are declared on the vehicle's windscreen sticker.


You'll need your deposit before buying any vehicle at Central Car Auctions. Plus, when you buy a vehicle, a Trade Buyers Fee or Private Buyers Fee will be added to the sale price, as appropriate.


Minimum £200 deposit required, payable on each purchase either in cash* or debit card. (*Subject to charges)

Bid Value Required Deposit
£0 — £999 £200
£1,000 — £1,999 £300
£2,000 — £6,999 £500
£7,000 and above £1,000

Trade Buyers Fee

This is per vehicle and payable in addition to the sale price (charges subject to VAT)

Sale Price Trade Buyer Fee
£0 — £199 £90
£200 — £499 £115
£500 — £749 £120
£750 — £999 £140
£1,000 — £1,999 £175
£2,000 — £2,499 £190
£2,500 — £2,999 £195
£3,000 — £3,999 £200
£4,000 — £4,999 £205
£5,000 — £5,999 £220
£6,000 — £6,999 £225
£7,000 — £7,999 £230
£8,000 — £8,999 £235
£9,000 — £9,999 £240
£10,000 — £10,999 £260
£11,000 and above ask staff for fees for all other vehicle values

Private Buyers Fee

This is per vehicle and payable by non motor-trade customers. (Charges inclusive of VAT)

Sale Price Buyer's Premium
£0 — £199 £222
£200 — £499 £252
£500 — £749 £270
£750 — £999 £294
£1,000 — £1,999 £372
£2,000 — £2,499 £402
£2,500 — £2,999 £408
£3,000 — £3,999 £420
£4,000 — £4,999 £432
£5,000 — £5,999 £456
£6,000 and above ask staff for fees for all other vehicle values

V5 Registration Transfer

A V5 Registration document handling fee is payable by Private Buyers in addition to the accepted offer price of £30 per vehicle. 

Please note: Additional Buyers Fees are applicable in respect of commercial vehicles. The standard additional fee per vehicle / item is £30 (inclusive of VAT)


We accept cash (cash max. £8,000 & subject to a cash surcharge of 1.25% + VAT), most leading debit cards (card max. £3,000) and BACS bank transfers. If you're paying by debit card it must be accompanied with either a driving licence or passport. 

Whatever vehicle(s) you're looking for, we're here to help find you the best possible price. So good luck and happy bidding!

Rates quoted apply from 4th January 2021. Information correct at time of publishing.